White Papers

    18 Jan 2019

    Where Is Ad Fraud Coming From? An In-Depth Look at Fraudulent Traffic Origins

    When talking about the sources of ad fraud, there's a common narrative...

    18 Oct 2017
    Whitepaper | 2 min read

    Zombie Apps Rise Again

    For the second time in four months, zombie apps are rising from the de...

    12 Jul 2017
    Whitepaper | 2 min read

    Live Fraud Paper

    75% of internet usage will be mobile this year. As mobile usage contin...

    12 Apr 2017
    Whitepaper | 1 min read

    Ad Fraud: Why Traffic Scoring Accuracy Is the Most Important Thing ( A Year Long Study in Ad Fraud)

    With demographic and cultural differences, digital media is seeing an ...