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    12 Sep 2018
    Press | 2 min read Announces Partnership with CAKE by Accelerize

    Anura Partnership Delivers CAKE Customers with Seamless Access to Inno...

    05 Sep 2018
    Press | 2 min read and Everflow Technologies Partner to Provide Real-Time Sophisticated Fraudulent Traffic Protection

    Performance marketers using Everflow Technologies (Everflow) now have ...

    16 Jul 2018
    Press |

    CEO Rich Kahn Explains How to Prepare for Regulation

    The D-Date for GDPR has come and gone. While we’re ready for the new p...

    03 Jul 2018
    Press |

    CEO Rich Kahn Discusses Industry Concerns About Consumer Privacy

    In the second part of a two-part feature, we hear from some industry v...

    02 Jul 2018
    Press |

    Why the Industry Is Fed Up with Ad Fraud Solutions

    Ad fraud technology is helpful until it isn’t. Many publishers, brands...

    11 Jun 2018
    Press | 1 min read

    Anura Client Billie Vuckovich of dexiMEDIA Chats Ad Fraud with MarTech

    Ad fraud is the dirty secret of digital media that exploded with smart...

    11 Jun 2018
    Press |

    CTO Joe Rodichok Says GDPR Got It Wrong: IP Address Is NOT Personal Data

    There is a lot of gray area within the General Data Protection Regulat...

    11 Jun 2018
    Press |

    CTO Joe Rodichok Discusses How You Can Ensure Data Privacy for Your Audience

    By now you’re probably tired of hearing about Cambridge Analytica, but...

    29 May 2018
    Press | 1 min read

    Could GDPR Be the Best Thing That’s Happened to Marketing?

    “It’s best to apply GDPR-related best practices to all user data, whet...

    30 Apr 2018
    Press | 1 min read

    Anura's Rich Kahn Discusses Bots and Privacy Info on Social Media

    To get around Instagram limiting developer data collection, marketing ...

    24 Apr 2018
    Press |

    CEO Rich Kahn Quoted in Eliminating Ad Fraud — This Time, for Good

    Ad fraud can't be dismissed as a minor issue or incidental drawback. T...