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Is Email Address Verification Enough to Protect Your Operation?

    Written by Anura PR Team
    on November 06, 2018

    As an email marketer, you know great campaign performance is only guaranteed if real people are receiving your messages. That’s why it’s important to clean your email lists on a regular basis, especially if you aren’t building them yourself.


    Marketers should definitely use email verification services as part of their list hygiene practices, as they certainly improve email deliverability and reduce hard bounces. However, they do have a few limitations.


    Many verification services determine an email’s legitimacy based solely on static data taken from the address, like syntax or domain connectivity. However, the actual user behind the email may be fluid, even though the data remains the same. In other words, an email address may seem “valid”, but that doesn’t mean your email messages will reach a genuine person.


    For an added layer of protection, consider also using an ad fraud solution that verifies the user opening the email, not the address.


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