Rich Kahn, co-founder and CEO of, Inc. and ad fraud solution participates in Risk Roundup to discuss mitigating ad fraud.


Digital Disruption: Marketing and Advertisement

Digital disruption is on its way. The emergence of the computer code, connected computers, world wide web, and internet are changing nations and all its components: government, industries, organizations, and academia (NGIOA).


As a result, the operational systems and ecosystem in cyberspace, geospace, and space at all levels is changing and evolving as well–from how we communicate to how we work, how we do business to how we do marketing. While the traditional models of marketing are at risk from digital disruption, the emerging digital marketing models are also at risk from rapidly emerging marketing fraud that is creating complex security challenges for marketing ideas and investment across nations.


Marketing Fraud

So, what causes digital marketing fraud? It seems marketing fraud occurs when advertisers place ads in digital format, they expect the ads to be shown to humans– but instead ad fraud occurs, and ads are shown to users that are not humans.


Security Risks

As a result, ad fraud has become a growing security risk. This is especially because when fraud bots – i.e. fake users visit websites and cause ad impressions to load, they artificially inflate web traffic and impression counts—many times on fake websites. Moreover, when fraud bots engage with ads (by clicking, playing video ads, spending more time on fake web pages, and more), every dollar that is fraudulently earned by fraud bots, fraud websites, and marketing fraud perhaps go to criminal entities—and results in funding growing cybercrime across nations. In addition, with the increase in the use of programmatic advertising technology that has automated the buying, selling, and placement of billions of ad impressions, the amount of fraudulent activity growing rapidly is understandably becoming a cause of great concern.


Mitigating Ad Fraud

As ad fraud becomes an all-too-common issue for marketing and marketers, what can be done to mitigate ad fraud? How can ad fraud be controlled or prevented? How can advertisers check fraudulent activity and how can marketers detect and fight against ad fraud?


The time is now to discuss how to mitigate ad fraud!


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