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    26 Dec 2018
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    CEO Rich Kahn's Interview With MarTech's Prediction Series 2019

    CEO Rich Kahn recently sat down with MarTech, as part of their Predict...

    14 Dec 2018
    Press | 6 min read

    CEO Rich Kahn Discusses How Performance-Based Campaigns Are Vulnerable to Ad Fraud

    In the past, programmatic buying has rendered advertisers vulnerable t...

    13 Dec 2018
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    Where Is Ad Fraud Coming From? [Exclusive New Report]

    Digital Media Training had another sit down with Rich Kahn, the CEO an...

    07 Dec 2018
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    CEO Rich Kahn Tells AiThority His 2019 Predictions

    Wondering what's in store for fighting ad fraud in 2019? CEO Rich Kahn...

    06 Nov 2018

    Is Email Address Verification Enough to Protect Your Operation?

    As an email marketer, you know great campaign performance is only guar...

    25 Oct 2018

    CEO Rich Kahn Answers 7 Commonly Asked Ad Fraud Questions

    Despite industry initiatives to address it, ad fraud is still a massiv...

    22 Oct 2018
    Press | 1 min read

    CEO Rich Kahn Discusses Mitigating Ad Fraud in Risk Group Podcast

    Rich Kahn, co-founder and CEO of, Inc. and ad fraud solutio...

    16 Oct 2018

    CEO Rich Kahn Explains What the FBI Investigating Media Buying Practices Means for Marketers

    The digital marketing ecosystem has long been fraught with danger in t...

    12 Sep 2018
    Press | 2 min read Announces Partnership with CAKE by Accelerize

    Anura Partnership Delivers CAKE Customers with Seamless Access to Inno...

    05 Sep 2018
    Press | 2 min read and Everflow Technologies Partner to Provide Real-Time Sophisticated Fraudulent Traffic Protection

    Performance marketers using Everflow Technologies (Everflow) now have ...

    16 Jul 2018
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    CEO Rich Kahn Explains How to Prepare for Regulation

    The D-Date for GDPR has come and gone. While we’re ready for the new p...