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Anura Success Story: LeadThink



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    Written by Anura PR Team
    on August 28, 2017

    LeadThink Increases Deep Analytics Reporting With Use of Anura 


    LeadThink is a one stop solution for businesses with a proven product or service that requires marketing professionals and financial help to scale a customer base and sales. Through their performance-based advertising campaigns, LeadThink uses the latest available web and mobile technology to reach millions of people through channels such as social, search, display, email, and more. 

    • Uses SessionsSources, and Campaign Data to identify what publishers to address first.
    • Upon integration with Anura, actionable data was available immediately, unlike with LeadThink's past vendors, thus improving the ROI of their campaigns instantly.
    • To validate accuracy, LeadThink took all leads from sources deemed 'bad' through Anura and did an independent analysis of each. They confirmed 100% of these 'bad' leads were indeed bad, proving the accuracy of Anura. 

    Ad Fraud Platform Research and Procurement Process 


    LeadThink has been using other analytics companies to meet the diverse reporting of ad fraud identification needs around their performance-based campaigns. 

    • Organizational Enablement: LeadThink manages many publisher relationships across several verticals and needed a system that reported granular details. A simple tag integration on their backend gave them access to deep user validation of traffic in real-time.
    • Actionable On-Page Insight: LeadThink works closely with their publishers and advertisers to ensure quality and scale. The intuitive analytics dashboard from Anura allows LeadThink to quickly identify potential unsavory sources and decide how to handle them.
    • Reporting Automation: LeadThink did not have access to a detail-rich dashboard around fraud. Anura was the first platform robust enough to help them learn about their traffic quality in granular details with pivotable reporting that also supported ad hoc reports for deeper analysis. 



    LeadThink Selects Anura for Robust Analytics Platform


    After a thorough research and trial process, LeadThink chose Anura because it met all of their criteria and because Anura provides dedicated Customer Success Representation to help them in understanding their analytics. After using Anura for several months, they found Organizational Ad Fraud Insight Increased Dramatically. LeadThink tailored the analytics data to match the individual needs of the relationships they managed.




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