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Anura Success Story: dexiMEDIA



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    Written by Anura PR Team
    on April 23, 2018

    dexiMEDIA Chooses Anura® to Solve Known Ad Fraud Discrepancy Issues


    dexiMEDIA is an invite-only advertising network formed in 2013. Due to the industry known 30%-40% variance found between accredited providers¹, they were forced to contract with multiple ad fraud solutions providers in order to keep their clients satisfied. Billie Vuckovich, Director of Digital Marketing Strategy and Ad Operations at dexiMEDIA, needed to maintain solutions that matched her clients’ needs to minimize the discrepancy. This is a costly undertaking, greatly affecting the bottom line at dexiMEDIA.


     Aiming for Consistency, dexiMEDIA Tested New Vendors 


    Searching for an ad fraud vendor that better aligned with a number of tools, dexiMEDIA tested Anura®. Leveraging the Anura® Script product for post-click analysis of paid advertising, dexiMEDIA was able to compare Anura® scored traffic to two other industry-leading solutions. dexiMEDIA found:

    • Clients using one leading ad fraud filter to identify suspicious impressions reported less than a 5% variance between Anura® and their current ad fraud solution.
    • Anura® identified more suspicious impressions and matched 100% to a separate filters reporting.
    • Lining up with leading ad fraud filters and client satisfaction, dexiMEDIA could reduce the number of ad fraud tools needed, and thus overhead, without reducing quality.



    About dexiMEDIA


    dexiMEDIA is an invite-only advertising network with exclusive and direct campaigns for publishers that meet our quality and performance standards. Limiting access to only the best publishers enables dexiMEDIA to bring the absolute best and top paying campaigns in the industry. dexiMEDIA maximizes revenue for both advertisers and publishers, with all the resources needed for the constant change and growth the ad industry calls for.


     ¹ MediaPost On Viewability, Fraud, and Measurement Disparities, Accessed 4/10/18.


     Click here to download this case study.


     For more information on Anura®, contact 888.337.0641 or

    After switching to Anura, dexiMedia reduced its overhead on ad fraud solutions by over $300,000 per year. Learn more.



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