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Anura Success Story: BriteBox



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Anura Success Story: BriteBox
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    Written by Anura PR Team
    on August 10, 2018

    Accelerating Performance for BriteBox Through Analytics Depth and Reduction in Manual Processes


    BriteBox owns and operates multiple proprietary websites to generate dynamic leads in the financial vertical, focusing their content towards rent-to-own, credit comparison, housing options, and catalog cards. With new websites launched weekly and an internal email push towards campaigns that run via newsletter, omni-channel, and push notification, BriteBox is harnessing a tremendous amount of traffic, and with that comes spoofy sources.


    BriteBox's Challenge: Accurate Fraud Detection That Reduces Manual Efforts While Boosting Overall Traffic Quality


    "I underestimated the value that a fraud detection system could play in our revenue growth," explained Penny Lee, Head of Sales at BriteBox. "We held back on allowing affiliates to run our offers unless we had met them in person or vetted them through references. Now we don't have to take that super strict approach. We can let things go through a little easier knowing Anura® will spot the bad leads before getting to our advertiser."


    Outside of improving revenue growth and transparency with new publishers and affiliates, BriteBox needed to reduce manual efforts. "Don't underestimate or undersell the value of taking a human being off a really crappy job," continued Lee. "No one wants to go down the manual rabbit hole, but it was a necessity to ensure our traffic was clean for advertisers."

    BriteBox_Man_Powers_ReinvestedIdentifying a fraud solution that could solve both issues would prove invaluable and critical to BriteBox's success. 


    Anura®'s Solution: Labor Improvements With Anura® Analytics and Accurate, Real-Time Decisions With

    Anura® Script and Anura® Direct Implementations


    BriteBox's analytical access is what led them to researching ad fraud solutions that would reduce the use of labor towards fraud discovery. BriteBox found that Anura®'s Analytics dashboard was the right solution for them. Anura®'s dashboard dug deep into the data centers, outdated devices and operating systems, and geographical disconnects, but was able to pivot on those metrics to show which publishers were responsible for originating the bad traffic.



    BriteBox took advantage of the analytics package to dive deep into the SubID's of their campaigns, but also found a significant performance improvement systemwide. "I'm able to have an open dialog with publishers when I see a specific source doing something shady. Instead of the conversation being fiscal, it becomes conversational. It shows our publishers we're watching our traffic quality and, in turn, they are more cautious about who they put on, too," shared Lee. 


    Keeping close tabs on fraud at the SubID level also means an improvement in overall quality of the BriteBox network. "There are smart fraudsters out there that will fill out everything they see. They look like a good publisher because they are creating revenue for us at the point of acquisition. By eliminating those that are fraudulent, we're increasing our overall profit margin and reinvesting our savings into higher quality traffic, which means we're able to approach higher quality publishers, too," said Lee. 


    Beyond the easy-to-use Analytics dashboard, BriteBox trusts in the accuracy of Anura®'s identification of fraud both in the pre-bid and post-click analysis. After processing over 18 million visitors, and having yet to see a false positive, BriteBox sees the long-term benefits of having accuracy in their ad fraud vendor. "Our identification of bad traffic has covered the cost of the product," revealed Lee. "We own our sites and have a tight relationship with our advertisers and call centers. Our internal data is cleaner and we're able to pass on that benefit, moving up the chain with our network, so to speak. Our leads become more valuable because we've cut out the junk."


    About BriteBox

    BriteBox owns and operates multiple proprietary websites to generate dynamic leads in the financial vertical, focusing on rent-to-own, credit comparison, housing options, and catalog cards, with new sites launched weekly. Additionally, BriteBox excels in internal emails and actively seeks relevant campaigns that can be run via newsletter, omni-channel, and push notifications.


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    See how BriteBox reinvested 400+ hours normally spent on manual ad fraud reporting, thanks to Anura. Read the study.

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