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    Written by Anura PR Team
    on September 07, 2018

    Anura®'s Best In Class Dashboard Allows Apollo Interactive to Deep-Dive Campaigns to Isolate Fraudulent Sources


    Apollo Interactive is a digital media company with over 20 years of experience as an industry leader in the lead generation space. Specializing in the insurance vertical, Apollo Interactive drives over 2 million leads per year through a variety of channels, including their own websites, email list managers, media buyers, content site owners, and a gamut of affiliate partners.


     Apollo Interactive's Challenge:

    Identify an Ad Fraud Protection Vendor That Was Both Accurate and Maintained Solid Customer Service


    "We used another leading ad fraud verification vendor and have for many years. I definitely find the Anura® platform to be the superior of the two in terms of things like load time and the level of granular data you find about any particular traffic source," explains a member of the Apollo Interactive Compliance Team.


    The customer service is overall much better, too.There are a lot of elements that set Anura® apart from some of the competitors."


    Apollo Interactive was not initially in the market for a new ad fraud solution, but realized testing a new product couldn't hurt either. Surprised by the granularity of the dashboard, Apollo Interactive compared data click for click against their current provider, resulting in Anura® identifying pockets of bad traffic missed by their current provider.

    Apollo_Metric_2"Identifying consistent, scalable traffic sources with clean traffic in this space is a battle everyone faces," continues the Compliance Team. "You either get really clean traffic but it doesn't convert well for the affiliate, or it's super high volume but it's questionable or even outright fraud. Anura® has helped us to read between the lines more accurately than any other vendor we've tested."


    Anura®'s Solution: Implement Anura® Throughout the Organization to Automate the Monitoring Process While Providing a Superior Level of Customer Support


    Apollo Interactive drives traffic to their websites by way of affiliate networks, email list managers, media buyers, content sites, and traditional search traffic from the big three search engines, Programmatic also makes up a large part of how traffic is driven to their websites. To provide the deepest level of insight and search traffic analysis, the Anura® code was placed on all of the Apollo Interactive brands.  


    "On the search side specifically, they are buying traffic on a cost per click basis so we always have to ensure that the clicks we're getting to those campaigns are in fact human and not generated from a bot farm," states the Compliance Team at Apollo Interactive.


    "The same goes on the affiliate side. It's more of a performance-based model, and we're paying out on leads converted or submitted rather than on the click itself. Nonetheless, we still needed to monitor the actual quality of the data coming in."




    Of course, the ad fraud industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and fraudsters would try to trick the Apollo Interactive system to generate conversions on non-human of simply fraudulent traffic. "We'll find that an affiliate may come in and try to send a low-volume number of leads and wait to be paid out on [that traffic] a month later. They are always trying to fly under the radar, so it's good to have that extra layer of protection so we're not paying out on the bad traffic," reaffirms the Compliance Team.


    The drillable analytics panel allowed Apollo Interactive to dial into the reasons why traffic was bad, and thus they could provide a more holistic response to their advertiser and publishers. Unlike vendors that give an overall score, Anura® can isolate each individual response to explain exactly why traffic is bad.


    "This level of granularity was excellent, but of course, brought up a lot of questions, too," shares the Compliance Team at Apollo Interactive. "The funny thing is, I would reach out to inquire about a question I had on the data and my rep would answer the phone. That doesn't usually happen that way. Not only did my rep and other members of the Anura® team help me to understand what I was looking at, but they took the time to explain the whys behind it all. I've never had that level of transparency, let alone customer service, with an ad fraud solution before." 




    About Apollo Interactive 


    Apollo Interactive is a digital media company with over 20 years of experience as an industry leader in the lead generation space. Specializing in the insurance vertical, Apollo Interactive drives over 2 millions leads per year through a variety of traffic channels. They help consumer brands achieve practical marketing goals through persuasive messaging, targeted media, and exceptional analysis. Apollo Interactive succeeds because they focus on what works and then make it work even better. This is why brands who want to make a bigger impact, reach a more targeted audience, or increase their return on investment, turn to Apollo Interactive.


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    Anura allows Apollo Interactive to deep-dive campaigns to isolate fraudulent sources. Click here to read the report.


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