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Anura Success Story: A4G



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Anura Success Story: A4G
    Written by Anura PR Team
    on December 14, 2017

    A4G Taps Anura for Their Real-Time Ad Fraud Detection Protecting Premium Brands


     A4G is a display and mobile ad network catering to those brands specifically looking to reach gamers, entertainment, and the anime category.  They represent over 1000 of the most popular websites and Apps serving over 5 billion impressions and reaching more than 400 million unique visitors per month. A4G offers a fraud detection suite to detects fraud in real-time. Today, A4G is trusted by partners such as Disney, Uber, Lyft, Amazon, Yahoo, Pandora, Warner Bros.,, and many more.


    A4G DSP: As long-time players in the performance marketing industry, A4G is all about quality, safety, and transparency. In fact, they're so picky with transparency that they've decided to launch their own DSP. Designed to help you take control of your user acquisition strategy and buy the right traffic, for the right price, A4G DSP offers advanced targeting tools, optimization, and access to all the major SSPs. 

    • The analytics function with Anura is the most comprehensive A4G has seen to date. Clients who opt in to protection through Anura find the dashboard is user friendly and provides transparency in all of their campaign traffic.
    • Internally, A4G uses the drill down analytics capabilities to identify bad traffic. As a result, A4G has stopped working with some SSPs that were sending too much fraudulent traffic compared to regular industry standards.
    • Anura is available to all publishers and advertisers within the A4G platforms as a selectable ad fraud solution. 

    Accessible Analytics and Platform Integration Process

    A4G hosts advertisers and publishers who are affiliated in a mobile environment, which is subject to potentially volatile environments. As such, A4G, a long-standing member of the IAB, recognized the need not only for ad fraud verification solutions, but also options between those solutions.

    • Integration Tactics: Fast, simple integration was paramount to A4G in enabling Anura within their marketplace platform. Anura’s integration time was quick and simple, with the client operating within 7 days of the contract execution.
    • Product Selection: A4G does use other ad fraud analytics solutions but felt that additional solutions may offer something more than their current mix. A4G selected Anura because the parent organization, eZanga, has a solid reputation in the industry. It is also one of the only solutions that has previously bought and sold traffic, therefore having a good grasp on what is and is not fraudulent.
    • Robust Reporting: Whilst having access to ad fraud detection services, A4G did not have access to an analytics package that would allow for deep drill-downs. The Anura Analytics solution solved this issue, positively affecting A4G’s business decisions and campaign management to isolate and eradicate fraudulent traffic.



    A4G selects Anura to Complement Ad Fraud Verification Offerings


    A4G chose Anura because it exceeded their expectations on how an ad fraud verification solution should perform. With access to deep analytics on their own network, A4G was able to isolate potential problem sources with verifiable metrics that showed why traffic was fraudulent.


    For instance, for the masked source below, their traffic was deemed generally human at 92.60% Non-Suspect. However, of the 7.40% deemed Suspect, those sub-sources were largely breaking a rule indicative of data center traffic. As such, they were deemed non-human and noted as suspicious traffic. By using reports like this, it helped A4G drill-down to root sources and make adjustments as they saw fit.


    Client Drill-Down Report Isolating Suspicious Data Center Traffic





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    A4G taps Anura for their real-time ad fraud detection. Read more here.

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