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Why Aren't There Laws to Stop Ad Fraud

    Written by Richard Kahn
    on December 11, 2018

    Ad fraud is projected to cost advertisers $19 billion this year, totaling millions of dollars each day. With fraud putting this much of a drain on advertising revenue, it begs the question: why aren’t advertisers taking any legal recourse? Well, it turns out there aren’t any laws to stop ad fraud  


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    Here are three reasons why you won’t see any laws against ad fraud anytime soon, plus why an ad fraud solution is the answer.   


    1. Legal Resources Are Expensive for Companies

    Legal resources aren’t cheap, and they might not be as effective as you’d think. The digital world makes it easy for scammers to commit fraud and then cover their tracks. In fact, your legal team might not even be able to collect enough evidence to hold the attackers accountable. Or, if they can make a case, you’d still be back to square one when another group of fraudsters attack. Either way, you’re stuck with a hefty legal bill and still have an ad fraud problem.  


    Ad fraud solutions are cheaper than chasing down individual fraudsters and will save company budget in the long run. Overall, it’s more effective to put your money and resources into an ad fraud solution. 


    2. Fraud Is Easy to Commit and Hide the Tracks

    Fraudsters use a variety of methods to conduct fraud: click fraud, pixel stuffing, ad stacking, search ad fraud, domain spoofing, the list goes on and on. For scammers, fraud is easy to commit, and it’s even easier for them to hide their tracks. For advertisers, it’s virtually impossible to track down the exact perpetrators. 


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    For example, simply masking an IP address can obscure the origins of fraudulent traffic. And who has time to unearth the real IP address? Consequently, many advertisers just write off the loss and move on.  


    3. There Are Way Too Many Fraudsters 

    Ad fraud is a low cost, high reward environment that attracts many nefarious bad actors. Going after all of them yourself just isn’t practical. No one has the time or resources to allocate to such a huge undertaking.  


    There are very few cases in which perpetrators have been arrested and jailed for click fraud schemes. 

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    If you spend time tracking down each attacker, your job will never be done. Would you rather go after every single fraudster, or put up a one-step solution that will stop them all?


    Why an Ad Fraud Solution Is the Answer  

    An ad fraud solution acts as a firewall, stopping current and future attacks from affecting your brand. It’s the easiest and most effective option. By installing a fraud solution, the work is done for you. You will no longer need to worry about chasing down fraudsters after they’ve attacked or hiring a team of lawyers only to be told there’s not enough evidence.  

    Using an ad fraud solution like Anura saves you time, resources, and money. Our solution will alert you that fraud is afoot and enable you to make the decision to stop fraudsters in their tracks.  


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    Taking action through the law is just a temporary solution until more fraudsters come along to infiltrate your systems. However, an ad fraud solution can be a permanent solution to the billion dollar fraud problem. 


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