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    29 Nov 2018
    Compliance | 3 min read

    How to Keep Your Email Lists Clean With an Ad Fraud Solution

    When it comes to email marketing, it’s important to clean up your list...

    02 Oct 2018
    Ad Fraud Compliance | 4 min read

    Maintaining Compliance: 3 Things Not to Waste Your Q4 Budget On

    It’s Q4 and your digital marketing budget is still kicking. Now you’re...

    11 Sep 2018
    Compliance | 4 min read

    California's Consumer Privacy Law: What You Need to Know

    In June 2018, California took consumer privacy to the next level by si...

    14 Aug 2018
    Compliance | 6 min read

    Top 5 GDPR Fails (So Far)

    Even though GDPR officially took effect back in May, companies all ove...

    21 Jun 2018
    Compliance | 8 min read

    Terms and Conditions: Think Twice Before Clicking Agree

    Imagine this: you’re spending a lovely afternoon at the park when you ...

    10 May 2018
    Compliance | 3 min read

    3 Things About GDPR That Scare Publishers

    As the deadline for GDPR compliance draws near, brands, publishers, an...