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11 Dec 2018
Mobile Ad Fraud Ad Fraud | 6 min read

Why Aren't There Laws to Stop Ad Fraud

Ad fraud is projected to cost advertisers $19 billion this year, total...

04 Dec 2018
Ad Fraud | 9 min read

Why OTT & CTV Need an Ad Fraud Solution

Currently in the United States, Over-the-Top (OTT) viewing occurs on m...

27 Nov 2018
Ad Fraud | 5 min read

5 Reasons Account Managers Don’t Want an Ad Fraud Solution

An ad fraud solution is no longer a want, it’s a need. Advertisers are...

15 Nov 2018
Ad Fraud | 5 min read

The Hidden Dangers of Online Surveys

When you’re on the hunt to make money, it’s tempting to spend a few mi...

12 Nov 2018
Ad Fraud | 3 min read

Veterans Day: The FTC is Cracking Down on Fraudulent Charities

For Veterans Day, many Americans may choose to donate to charity organ...

08 Nov 2018
Ad Fraud | 3 min read

Domain Spoofing: How It Hurts Your Brand

Domain spoofing can cost advertisers up to $1 million in lost revenue ...

02 Nov 2018
Ad Fraud | 6 min read

Is Facebook’s Fake News “War Room” Actually Effective in Blocking Fake Content?

Despite suffering from a meteoric stock price plunge that caused Faceb...

01 Nov 2018
Mobile Ad Fraud | 4 min read

4 Ways to Protect Your Brand From Mobile Fraud This Holiday Season

Sure, yesterday was Halloween. But the reality is holiday merchandise ...

30 Oct 2018
Mobile Ad Fraud | 4 min read

Dating App Fraud: Why You Need to Swipe Left

Fraud on dating apps is nothing new. Up to 35% of relationships now st...

25 Oct 2018
Ad Fraud | 3 min read

Why the Industry Needs to Rethink MRC Accreditation

The need for ad fraud protection is growing. No longer is adding a lay...

23 Oct 2018
Ad Fraud | 4 min read

The End of CAPTCHA: Why It Just Isn't Cutting It Anymore

At some point, we’ve all had to click the “I’m not a robot” button to ...