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Richard Kahn

Rich Kahn is a digital advertising and ad fraud expert with almost 3 decades of experience. He is currently the co-founder and CEO of, a benchmark setting ad fraud solution. A distinction which has been earned through years of development, fueled by victimization of malicious ad fraud. In 2003 Rich co-founded, a digital marketing ad network. A supply and demand provider, eZanga quickly felt the negative effects of ad fraud. Advertisers held eZanga accountable for poor performing campaigns caused by fraud. Rich began to develop strategies to identify and combat all aspects of ad fraud. As new threats began to emerge, Rich’s innate ability to identify and program to defend quickly eliminated the threat. As the years passed, and the fraud detection capabilities expanded, eZanga thrived. Rich recognized the demand for eZanga’s proprietary fraud detection strategies and set off to develop a stand-alone fraud detection solution, is that solution. Rich’s unparallel ability to identify and programmatically solve issues, is complimented by his visionary prowess. Product development and improvement is always on the forefront. His ability to access a problem or goal and quickly formulate a solution sets him apart from his peers. This is a testament repeated often when Rich’s name is brought up in industry circles. Rich has received numerous industry and business achievement awards during his tenure. He will humbly express his most treasured was receiving the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Today, Rich’s top priority is the continued development making it the industry’s best ad fraud solution.
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