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Good Bots vs. Bad Bots

    17 Jul 2019
    Bots | 4 min read

    Good Bots vs. Bad Bots

    Computers are an increasingly vital part of everyday life because they...

    26 Jun 2019
    Ad Fraud | 3 min read

    How to Identify Ad Fraud with Accuracy

    Ad fraud, the practice of generating profits by fraudulently convertin...

    19 Jun 2019
    Ad Fraud | 3 min read

    Four Ways Ad Fraud is Destroying Digital Campaigns

    Ad fraud can derail a company’s digital campaigns before they even beg...

    25 Mar 2019
    Mobile Ad Fraud | 3 min read

    Hacked at Home: Why You Should Protect Your Smart IoT Devices

    Ad fraud protection for your refrigerator? It might not be as crazy as...

    05 Mar 2019
    Mobile Ad Fraud | 3 min read

    Instagram Hacked? Here's What You Need to Know

    Your Instagram got hacked. Now what?

    28 Feb 2019
    Ad Fraud | 12 min read

    Ad Fraud 101

    Navigating ad fraud can be tricky and costly. In 2018, ad fraud cost a...

    26 Feb 2019
    Ad Fraud | 5 min read

    Why Blockchain Isn't the Solution to Ad Fraud

      Within the next three years, ad fraud is predicted to hit a yearly l...

    06 Feb 2019
    Mobile Ad Fraud | 8 min read

    Are You Being Ghosted by a Bot?

    Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and if you’re scrambling to ge...

    01 Feb 2019
    Mobile Ad Fraud | 4 min read

    How Mobile Ad Fraudsters Are Targeting You

    Ad fraud is happening right in the palm of your hand, with 50-60% of a...

    30 Jan 2019
    Ad Fraud | 7 min read

    The Dangers of DNA Hacking

    It’s eerie how real-life can mimic a page out of a fictional novel. Lo...

    24 Jan 2019
    Cybersecurity | 8 min read

    Cybersecurity: the Ripple Effects of the Government Shutdown

    The government has been shut down for over a month, making it the long...